Photogram I    –    120 x 77.5 cms     –   Digital print onto 300 gsm paper   –   2001

GLASS PHOTOGRAMS   –    2001    –

  A line of enquiry was followed in which soda glass was placed over a dry plaster/quartz mixture and fired at a high temperature causing considerable transformation and distortion.  Experiments were conducted with glass shapes, lamination and inclusions, printing with on-glaze, drawing into the plaster/quartz and using ‘ludo’ to form separators between glass shapes.  The expressive, symbolic and associative quality of these prototypes was impressive.

 As printmaker by temperament Sheila de Rosa couldn’t resist experimenting with the way light is transformed when passed through glass shapes.  She sought to break down the barrier between object and idea by exposing layered pieces of glass onto light-sensitive paper to make photograms with photographic materials but without a camera. These pieces have a distinctive quality quite unlike the pieces that generated them.


Square Photogram   –    120 x 77.5 cms     –   Digital print onto paper   –   2001

slumped motherboard 1

Digital Photogram    –    120 x 77.5 cms     –   Digital print onto paper   –   2001

Glass light drawing

Light Drawing Photogram    –    120 x 65 cms     –   Digital print onto paper   –   2001

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Just to let you know, the commission was a great success and both mum and dad loved the works. It turned out we had used one of dad's favourite pictures of mum, and wh...

Karyn & Jules

“In early 2008 I commissioned Sheila de Rosa to produce a limited edition of prints based on my art installation ‘Sandpaper Suit’. My requirements were unusual i...


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