Interface - side 2 close up        Interface - side one close up

Interface - side one         Interface - side two                                                                                

INTERFACE #4       –       Double sided print with perforations      –        February 2014           64 x 50 cms

Two Relief prints on Japanese Kozo paper with circular perforations through both sides allowing light to shine through.  Kozo paper is made from renewable branches of the kozo (paper mulberry) bush, specifically the innermost of three layers of bark which are cooked and beaten before the sheets are formed.

This body of work explores how our lives are mediated through an interface with technology. They are displayed sandwiched between clear acrylic sheets and, using bespoke fixings, can be wall mounted (standing 2cms away from the wall) or hanging from above with clear fishing line, allowing a view from both sides of the prints.

 Interface II (3)

INTERFACE # 2    –    37 x 30 cms

Interface # 3 - zeros and ones (3)

INTERFACE # 3   –   37 x 50 cms

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Just to let you know, the commission was a great success and both mum and dad loved the works. It turned out we had used one of dad's favourite pictures of mum, and wh...

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“In early 2008 I commissioned Sheila de Rosa to produce a limited edition of prints based on my art installation ‘Sandpaper Suit’. My requirements were unusual i...


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