Fucus vesiculosis

Fucus vesiculosus 1

 Fucus vesiculosis   (Bladder Wrack)        –        July 2012        –

Each print 13 x 18 cms        –        Hand drawn Solar Plate etchings        –

These prints were created using a Solar Plate print technique.  The Fucus vesiculosis (bladder wrack) was first drawn by hand onto tracing paper using drawing ink.  This image was then exposed onto the photo-polymer coated plates and exposed to ultra violet light.

Once light-hardened the plates were bevelled and then inked up in both intaglio and relief printing methods and layered one on top the other.   The final prints were finally passed through the printing press and the image transferred onto 100% cotton  rag paper together with a deep embossed pattern.

Fucus vesiculosus 2             Fucus vesiculosus 4

                   inverted drawing                        Fucus vesiculosus 6




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