Cognitive Bias Reconfiguration

Cognitive bias re-configuration



July 2013    –    148 x 95 cms    –

Relief prints, Nepalese paper, card, plastic fishing line    –

A cognitive bias is a pattern of deviation in judgement, whereby inferences of other people and situations may be drawn in an illogical fashion.  Individuals create their own subjective social reality from their perception of the input.  This can result in clinical anxiety disorders and elevated level of anxiety vulnerability.

Cognitive biases can be controlled by encouraging individuals to use controlled processing compared to automatic processing.  In other words, they must learn to make their own judgements by observing the world around them.

This work endeavours to reconfigure negative attitudes by highlighting the joy of the natural environment, the shape and rhythm of nature and the sensation of shafts of light sparking through foliage.

Twenty small drawn relief prints in white onto handmade Nepalese paper and glued together.  A naturalistic floral shape has been cut into the paper and edged in thick oil-based silver ink.  Blue card rolled over lightly with the same silver ink has been placed behind the floating sheets of prints.

   100_4933                             Cognitive bias - detail                             CBR 3

CBR 2                                   CBR 1

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