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At school I embraced science and rejected religion. The certainty of science was reassuring. Science meant facts & knowledge. It was immutable, incontrovertible and empirical. Science measured things, tested things, showed how things worked. That knowledge was power. Nothing left to chance, nothing a matter of faith. Religion was passed down to us as a fact, true, but we were expected to accept it at face value. Knowledge [...]
Mon, Apr 27, 2015
Solar Plate Printmaking (or polymer etch) is a relatively new print process that enables images to be established onto metal plates by exposure to light using sunlight or an ultra violet light source. The plates are developed by washing in water and can be printed as intaglio or relief prints. Unlike traditional etching techniques, no acid etching is necessary and no toxic chemicals are used in the plate-making process. This is a [...]
Mon, Mar 09, 2015
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Just to let you know, the commission was a great success and both mum and dad loved the works. It turned out we had used one of dad's favourite pictures of mum, and wh...

Karyn & Jules

“In early 2008 I commissioned Sheila de Rosa to produce a limited edition of prints based on my art installation ‘Sandpaper Suit’. My requirements were unusual i...


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